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OC Diary

July 2020

Posted by Barbra McKenna on 7/20/2020

It's been a long hot summer and it's only July. I have been hand watering the garden every morning. Unfortunately a few weeks ago someone tried to take the drip irrigation timer off and broke the tubing. So disappointing and frustrating.  It's a good thing I love to water.  A few weeks ago I had some helpers plant pumpkin seeds and they are thriving.  If you want to lift your spirits, and we all need a little lifting these days, come by the school garden and see how everything is thriving despite the virus. Be safe and take care.

March 2020

Posted by Barbra McKenna on 3/14/2020

Hello from the garden,

School will be closed until April 14th.  Hopefully we will return in time for Garden Club which starts on Thursday, April 16th. Fortunately I will be able to go into the garden during the next three weeks to get it ready for my budding gardeners.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support,

Barbra McKenna

Garden Coordinator

February 2020

Posted by Barbra McKenna on 2/18/2020

We have sugar snap peas, swiss chard, pansies and  spring bulbs popping up in the garden.  In another month we will have daffodils galore.

Garden News January 2020

Posted by Barbra McKenna on 1/14/2020

Our garden beds are resting for the winter, but we do have Oregon Sugar Peas growing.  I have planted a cover crop of fava beans and red clover which will put nutrients into the soil.  Our herbs are going strong, feel free to pick what you need.

We will have a garden club starting in April, and it is already full from applications that were submitted in the fall.

Thank you all for your response and if you would like to volunteer please contact me.

Happy 2020

Posted by Barbra McKenna on 1/13/2020

Hello from the garden!  Here are some photos from last year.


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