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Principal s Reading and Math Challenges

Welcome to the 2023-24 Principal’s Reading and Math Challenge 

The Principal Reading and Math Challenges promote literacy and bolster student’s math skills. Students record minutes spent reading or practicing math facts and turn in at the end of the semester. 

We will be shifting to an online format through an application called Beanstalk. Unfortunately, it is not ready to go “live” yet, so until that point in time, we will be sticking to paper logs. 

How does it work?  

At the beginning of each trimester, paper logs will be sent home. Need another PRMC log? Print it HERE. Students track their minutes read and minutes spent practicing math facts. Then, on the last day of the trimester, students turn these logs into their teacher. 

A parent volunteer from each class will tally up the minutes logged; the numbers will then be reported to the PRC and PMC Chair. All students who participate will receive a certificate.  


PRINCIPAL’S READING CHALLENGE (PRC): Reading to your child is one of the most important activities to promote literacy development, even if your student is already reading on their own. 

The Folsom Public Library and Oak Chan Library have a wealth of literature, and we encourage all students and families to utilize this awesome local resource. (Don’t have time to visit the library? E-Books can be a great way to go and the library has so many to pick from.) 

Tracking Reading Minutes: 

Parents of pre-readers and beginning readers in Kinder and First Grade: Minutes spent looking at or narrating picture books, being read to, reading SIPPS stories aloud, or reading independently all count toward a student’s PRC log. 

Parents of 2nd - 5th graders - While we encourage you to continue reading aloud to older children, only independent reading counts toward the PRC log. 

Tip - Have older kids read to your younger kids! Those minutes count for both! 

The recommended reading goal for all grades is 20 minutes per day. 


Practice math facts through games, flashcards, or worksheets and then log the minutes. What counts towards those minutes?

 Play the math games that are handed out at the start of each math unit
 Math fact flash cards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
 i-Ready Math games
 Math fact practice workbook
 Dice games (where you add/subtract/multiply)

Tracking your math practice minutes:
Print your log and fill it out with your practice minutes. Turn in to your teacher.